Saturday, January 21, 2012

Paula Deen has Diabetes

If you know me personally, you know that I have loved and admired Paula Deen for years. I have all of  her cookbooks, I watch all of her shows religiously, and on Monday, when the rumor mill was a buzz about her announcement that "The Queen of Butter" had type 2 diabetes, I was sad and concerned for her, but also hopeful that this would be a chance for her to re-brand herself, and that she would invite the public to  join her on a personal journey to health and wellness, but that has not happened yet. Instead she told us that for three years she has had this disease, and only when she became a paid spokesperson for a drug company did she decide to tell the public about her illness. I am sure she thought this was the right way to come out, so to speak, but it sent the wrong message to her followers.

Now don't get me wrong, Ms Deen has a right to decide if, and when she shares any health issues, but you don't have to be a rocket scientist to know that she she was afraid of what this particular diagnosis would do to her brand. She built her empire on high fat, sugar laden food, and this had to be a particularly hard diagnosis to come to terms with. Paula turned 65 last week, and as I well know, old habits are hard to break, and it must be especially difficult when your whole business is based on the wrong kind of food. This unfortunate condition that Paula is now dealing with, can be a golden opportunity to re-brand herself as the reformed Southern girl, who gave up the grease to promote health and wellness to her loyal fans. Sure, she might lose some of her followers, but she will gain other, more health conscious fans in the process. I hope she donates the money she is being paid by the drug company to diabetes research. If she decides to pen a cookbook for diabetics, I bet it would be another smash hit, and how about a workout video, Sweating the Grease Out with Paula, I'm in!

 Her son Bobby, seems to be on the right track with his new show, "Not My Mama's Meals", and I think the concept is exactly what the Deen franchise needs right now. Bobby has been on the health wagon for many years, and has been giving his Mama a nudge in that direction, I just hope she follows his lead. 

Lynn and Bobby 2011

I think there is still time for Paula to turn this into a huge opportunity, instead of a crisis. She is still the most inviting person on television, and her laugh is infectious. She was on a show called "The Chew" last week, and  it showed a side of Paula we don't normally see. 

I still love Paula, and always will, I want her to take care of herself, so her family and fans have her around for a long time!

This is my favorite Paula Deen moment! Enjoy!


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