Wednesday, March 23, 2011

I Went to The Olive Garden for Dinner and "CHEATED"

The day after my husband and I finished our first 8 day Ignite Burning Diet we went to Olive Garden for dinner. I am sure you are thinking to yourself, well a lot of good those 8 days on that program did for you, but the program encourages you to eat on day 9 to let  your body know it is not in a starvation mode. It is also the carrot dangling at the end of the stick, because you know after 8 days of pretty strict dieting you get a splurge day and it is built into the program so you feel no guilt. Yup, I said NO GUILT!!! I ate at Olive Garden and I loved every single bite of the cheese filled Soffatelli's with chicken in a garlic cream sauce.
I ate the one on the left, the one on the right is the same dish but it is beef instead of chicken. I also had 2 bread sticks and their wonderful salad. Because my stomach has shrunk, I could only finish about half of it, and I have no idea how many calories I ate. I did not care, because I earned this meal. I even prepared for it by just having steamed broccoli and cauliflower for lunch.

I don't plan to eat like this every day, I have tried that before and it did not work too well for me, but I think a splurge every 9-10 days or so is not a bad thing. I want to lose weight and keep it off this time and I know from experience the all or nothing diet does not work for me, because I am not perfect and as soon as would eat a meal like I did at the Olive Garden I would say, "well that ruined all of my  hard work" and just give up again.  I also have a secret weapon now that I never had before. 
Meet my secret weapon! CHEAT is an all natural fiber product from a Japanese root called Konnyaku. You sprinkle Cheat on your food and when it hits your stomach it expands and creates a viscous-gel that  literally traps 25% of the food you just ate eliminating it without your body actually ever absorbing the calories. I think of it like a credit card that gives me a 25% discount on every thing I buy. Cheat is tasteless and odorless and all you need is about 4-5 shakes of the sprinkles per portion. You don't sprinkle as much on wet foods like soup or cereal with milk. It also comes in little packets, so it is easy to take out to dinner with  you.

I use it on everything I eat. I put it on my Olive Garden dinner and no one even noticed, and even if they had I would not have cared. Cheat allows me to splurge and not feel bad about it and it helps me eliminate calories from all of the foods I eat, good or bad.

If you have any questions about the Ignite Program or any of the products I use feel free to send me a message. My contact information is at the top of the blog. Also, if you write a blog and would like me to give you a shout out leave me a message. I am all about supporting my fellow bloggers.

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  1. The "Cheat" product sounds really cool! My friend/co-worker, Craig, sells products from AdvoCare, and his company sells something similar. If you can enjoy Olive Garden food and feel guilty then that is the best mind-set a dieter can have. Kudos to you on your weight loss. Keep up the great work! Alison