Wednesday, March 23, 2011

I Love You Kirstie Alley

It was really exciting to see Kirstie Alley on the premiere of "Dancing with the Stars" Monday night because I have followed her career since the early 80's and  have also followed her battle with weight loss and gain.

I can relate to this woman because she is funny, honest about her weight issues and fairly close to my age. She was one of the first celebrity spokespersons for Jenny Craig and she lost 70 lbs. and gained it all back. Kirstie is one of the few actresses who did not hide her weight gain, but used it to her advantage to not only inspire others to lose weight, but also let the public understand how difficult weight loss can be. Her commercials for Jenny Craig were always laced with humor and warmth. The fact that she is a Scientologist does not bother me at all, I just hope that me being raised Catholic won't offend her. :-)

When I first heard she was paired with Maksim Chmrekovskiy I was a little jealous and very worried. Maks is to me, is one of the  hottest men on the planet, and I kind of like his bad boy image, but I could not see him dancing with a 60 year old, overweight chick! I know he gets paid to teach the "has been" star that he is paired with that season to dance, but Maks does not hide his feelings well, if at all, and if he does not like you or dancing with you it would show. After watching them interact and dance together I was really amazed! They really "get" each other. My respect and hotness meter went way up for Maks, and the fact that Kirstie said bring it on boy and don't hold back because I am 60 and out of shape inspired me! It is going to push me to walk farther, diet harder and stop using the excuse that  I am over 50 and can't work out like younger women!

Kirstie Alley did more for fat girls Monday night than she ever did during her Jenny Craig days. She showed those malnourished, skinny chicks that danced before her, how it is done and she did it with class, humor and  talent. Her best line of the night was "If someone asked me to haul ass, it would take two trips". Amen Sister!

Now if you will excuse me, I have to go and daydream about doing the Cha Cha with Maks.

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