Tuesday, March 15, 2011

Recap of Day One on Xyngular Ignite Program

Yesterday's post, Ignite Fat Burning System Day 1, gave you the run down on the the products that I am using and what I am eating during the deep cleanse, detox portion of the program. I have to admit the first day of the cleanse I was hungry. It was not an uncomfortable hunger, but I knew my stomach was talking to me. It actually felt good in a sick way, because I knew my body was using stored fat and I know that my stomach is shrinking. The one thing I did that I would highly recommend is getting rid of any "red light" foods that might lead you to go off the program, because if they had been in the house, I probably would have caved in and cheated a little. I also drank a lot of water, especially when I felt hungry.

One thing that I found interesting last night, when my husband and I were discussing and comparing how hungry we were during the day, we both started naming foods that would taste good at the moment and none of the foods were high fat, high carb, junk food. I am a carb addict and I am craving things like cauliflower and nuts. My husband is a REAL picky eater and he was craving celery sticks and grapes, which is something he would NEVER EVER ask for before.  It is funny when you listen to your body what it might tell you!

I will post about Day 2 later this evening.

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