Monday, April 4, 2011

"Winning"! Take That Charlie Sheen

Everyone seems to being using "winning" since Charlie Sheen had his meltdown and made it the popular thing to say. I am using it because, well I feel pretty good about my eating the last week, and since it is only Monday, I hope this week will be just as good.

My husband is in San Diego on a business trip, so I only have to feed myself and the dog for the next few days. The dog is pretty easy to keep happy as long as her bowl is full, and I decided to keep it simple with  my food choices as well.

I bought some Amy's Organic frozen dinners. I had this one tonight.
It was very good and only 250 calories. The fat content was low, but there was a bit more sodium in it than I would have liked, that is the problem with most frozen entrees. I had a strawberry and spinach salad for lunch because strawberries are fresh here this time of year. It was so good I ate it before I remembered to take a picture of it! I am still doing my Lean Shakes for breakfast and I will have a shake every other day for lunch.

I am leaving Friday for a conference in Nashville, and I want to make good food choices while I am there, even though I know it will be hard eating out for three days. I will keep using all of my Xyngular products on the trip, and that won't be difficult, since it is a Xyngular conference! I hope to come back with a ton of great new information about the products and how to use them.

Here is to a great new week and all of us being "winners"!!


  1. You are going awesome mom! Keep up your hard work! Curt and I are also "winning" haha Well trying at least with our own plan. I have been enjoying your blog also, it keeps me motivated as well!

    Love you,

  2. Anne, glad you like the blog! Thanks for stopping by. I love getting comments.